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New Star Leasing

7th Apr 2020 - We have experience of supplying vehicles since 1992 so why not give us a call for a first class service today? Call 01332 843005 today!
Quick contact

Thank you for visiting our web page dedicated to informing you on how New Star can reduce your vehicle costs and save you time.

If you are serious about reviewing your fleet costs you need to talk to us.

You will have concerns about the following area's:

  1. The price you are paying for vehicles
  2. The whole life costs of running these vehicles
  3. CO2 emissions
  4. Tax relief
  5. The allowance option
  6. Time spent administering the fleet
  7. Depreciation
  8. Maintenance costs

We are a highly experienced friendly firm that can assess which changes will help you improve your bottom line and efficiency. We will undertake a full review of your practices and expenditure in conjunction with you.

This will take one hour providing you have collated all the information we have requested in advance.

After the appraisal you will receive a report identifying areas where costs can be reduced by us.

This can only be beneficial to your business! Too busy to review costs in the current climate?

If you feel an informative chat could be beneficial please contact us.

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